Teresa is a Pediatric/Neonatal Nurse Practitioner with 35 years of medical experience. She is the Anti-Human Trafficking Coordinator at Mercy Medical Center. She also is a pastor and missionary who has led over 29 missions trips to developing nations across the globe. Her mission trips have taken her to Guatemala, India, Nepal, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Argentina, Ghana, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Puerto Rico, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Jamaica.

As a co-founder and current president of Chains Interrupted , Teresa has researched and worked in the anti-human trafficking field for the last seven (7) years. She is a seasoned and sought after speaker, passionate about fighting human trafficking.

Chains Interrupted Speaker’s Bureau

Members and specific volunteers are trained in “Human Trafficking 101,” which includes information on Chains Interrupted. They present to churches, organizations, groups, businesses, clubs, etc.

Hotel/Motel Project Volunteer Speakers

We have passionate volunteers in a six county area who train hotel and motel staff about how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and what to do if they suspect Human Trafficking.

School Project Volunteer Speakers

These volunteer speakers present “Empower the Students.” They come from a variety of backgrounds and are passionate about educating school staff, students and parents about human trafficking.