Did you know 98 to 99% of human trafficking victims never get out? In fact, the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that there are tens of millions of victims in human trafficking today that’s boomed to a multi-billion industry.

In Iowa, we face the reality of human trafficking, too. One out of every three runaway teenagers in Iowa is lured into commercial sexual exploitation within 36 hours of leaving home.

At Chains Interrupted, we’re fighting to stop it.

Education & Resources

We would like you and your organization, church, school, or business to know the facts and have access to resources that help you join the fight against human trafficking.

Below are several resources your organization is welcome to share. Print, post, distribute and discuss. Join us in the fight to stop human trafficking.

Brochures for Download

Infographics for Download

Books, Movies & Websites

If you’re interested in more information about human trafficking, Chains Interrupted recommends a myriad of books, movies, and websites.

  • The White Umbrella by Mary Frances Bowely
  • Renting Lacy by Linda Smith
  • Girls Like Us by Rachel Loyd
  • The Natashas and The Johns by Victor Malarek
  • Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson


    • “Nefarious”
    • “Caged No More”
    • “Finding Home”
    • “Your Photo Fate” – available on YouTube


Facts & Figures

Every day, around the world and even in Iowa, human traffickers are targeting victims to enter the heinous world of human trafficking, including sex and labor trafficking. But the truth is, statistics about this dark and evil industry are hard to know for certain due to the shadows where these victims are forced to live.

At Chains Interrupted, we’re here to share the available facts and figures with you and your organization to better understand human trafficking’s effect in Iowa and abroad.

How to Get Help

If you’re a survivor of human trafficking, we’re here for you and you aren’t alone. Contact us today if you need help getting home, or if you want to know more about resources available.

Your voice is heard at Chains Interrupted.

Recognize the Signs

Not sure how to tell if you’re in contact with a human trafficking situation? Do you think you’ve seen concerning behavior at a rest stop or hotel? Learn more about how to recognize the signs of human trafficking in action, and how you can help alert the proper authorities to stop it.

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