Chains Interrupted will be a powerhouse fighting against the evils of Human Trafficking until there is Not.One.Slave left in Iowa, the United States...and the world.

Facts About Human Trafficking

It's not a choice.

Sadly, it's on the rise and is the second-largest criminal industry in the world. Generating billions of dollars each year, it is second only to drug trafficking and has passed arms and weapon trafficking.

Recognize The Signs

Is something not right?

Understand the indicators of human trafficking and learn what questions to ask yourself to help identify if someone may need help.

Who We Are


What began as a small committee of concerned people grew over time into Chains Interrupted. We’re a group of people who fight against the evils of human trafficking.

Sobering statistics show 98-99% of victims are NEVER RESCUED. We attempt to prevent human trafficking from happening and rescue and restore of those injured by it. Today we’re a thriving, vibrant nonprofit making a significant impact in our city, state, nation, and world.