Chains Interrupted is a group of people whose hearts have been broken by the evil of human trafficking. Sobering statistics show very few victims ever get out of “the life”.

We focus on preventing human trafficking from ever happening. We also work with others in the rescue and restoration of those injured by this heinous crime.


Chains Interrupted will be a powerhouse fighting against the evils of human trafficking until there is Not.One.Slave left in Iowa, the U.S. …and the world.

Our History

What began as a small committee of concerned people grew over time to what it is today: a thriving, vibrant non-profit making a significant impact in our city, state, nation and world.

In 2015, the wonderful committee known as “Sisters and Brothers Collaborating Against Human Trafficking” merged with an amazing 501(c)3 organization called “Cedar Rapids Gives”.

At the beginning of 2016, many changes took place in the fight against human trafficking within the state of Iowa. Cedar Rapids Gives dissolved and “Chains Interrupted” was born (incorporated in August, 2016), receiving 501(c)3 status in February 2018.

Our Projects & Programs

Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized criminal industry in the world. We need our whole community to join in the fight against this growing and evil crime.

Chains Interrupted focuses on prevention and has specific programs to educate organizations and the community at large, including:

  • Awareness/Action Project (education for the general public: individuals, organizations, businesses, and churches)
  • Hotel and Motel Project (education for staff)
  • School Project (education for staff, students and parents)
  • Medical Project (in partnership with Mercy Medical Center)
  • Banking and Financial Institutions
  • UnChainEd Coalition (meets quarterly for networking, education and action in our community)
  • International Missions (currently working in Guatemala)
  • Beauty from Ashes Program (Survivors only)

Request a Speaker

Want to have a speaker or survivor speak to your organization about human trafficking? Request a speaker to visit your organization and learn more about this dark industry and how to help stop it.

Support Our Mission

If you’d like to help support Chains Interrupted and our effort to stop human trafficking, contact us today to provide financial support or by volunteering.

Your donation positively impacts the programs, education, and opportunities we offer organizations and survivors in our community and beyond.

If you’d like to be part of our community coalition to help stop human trafficking, learn more about this important program and how to join.

Anti-trafficking Resources

Want to learn more about human trafficking and how you can help stop it? Visit our learning hub to download brochures, infographics, and more. You can also learn about the signs of human trafficking, and the facts and figures of this crime plaguing our nation and the world.

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