“No Porn November”
November 11, 2021
Thoughts on the “Sound of Freedom” Movie
July 14, 2023
As I research and create this new presentation on “Technology, Our Kids and Human Trafficking,” I sit here with my legs drawn into my body unable to lift my head from my chest. My stomach aches with the nauseating feeling you get when you get a glimpse of just how broken this world is and you feel the overwhelming nature of evil. I sit here feeling immensely desperate to get the word out to parents…to children…to service providers…to lawmakers…to EVERY community member about this topic. Folks, Human Trafficking is growing Every.Single.Day. It is the fastest growing organized crime in the world and has only been accelerated by the pandemic ???? Our children are online now more than ever before and the internet is now the #1 place traffickers are recruiting. Technology can be confusing, but we can’t afford to bury our heads in the sand – our children’s lives depend on it – literally! If you don’t believe me, read just this ONE article I encountered in my research: https://medium.com/@sloane_ryan/im-a-37-year-old-mom-i-spent-seven-days-online-as-an-11-year-old-girl-here-s-what-i-learned-9825e81c8e7d
If you want to learn more, register to attend our Mini Conference on “Technology, Our Kids and Human Trafficking” by emailing Info@ChainsInterrupted. com. Space is limited to the first 300 registrants.

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