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April 8, 2020
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October 16, 2020

We have received an incredible opportunity to help a young girl who has run out of options.  Have you ever found yourself at a point in your life where one decision…one chance….one glimmer of hope made all the difference in the world?  That is where “Sara” (name changed to protect identity) finds herself. Sara thought she found love, until he suddenly turned on her and sold her to be raped by strangers.  She managed to escape and went to the police.  Sara may have broken free from the physical chains of her exploitation, but she has had a very hard time breaking free from the mental chains of the trauma she went through. 

When I met Sara, I was immediately struck by how smart, personable and kind she was.  This is a girl who has tried to advocate for herself, but has encountered many of the same barriers those of us in this line of work find all the time.  One of these barriers is a system that is either unmotivated to help, or doesn’t have the avenues to do so.  Feeling hopeless, Sara turned to marijuana and was arrested for having it in her car.  She attempted suicide and was hospitalized. She called Chains Interrupted in an attempt to find freedom from her mental chains at our Harbor House (transitional housing program). 

Chains Interrupted would have loved to open the doors of the Harbor House for Sara, but due to her arrest she had even more barriers to finding freedom – fines to pay and probation to serve.  Although we offered to pay her fines, her probation officer would not allow her to leave the are.  Sara was in danger, as her trafficker was continuing to look for her in the area she was now not allowed to leave.  Chains Interrupted worked long and hard to partner with resources from around to state to help Sara break those chains.  The fines have been paid and her probation officer released her early!  We have one more barrier to overcome before Sara can get to a restoration program we believe she will find safety, love, healing and restoration – a flight.

Can you help? 
We need to raise roughly $1000 for this flight, which will cover baggage fees, transportation to and from the airport, meals while she travels, and a small gift bag for Sara to help her start this new phase in her journey and let her know how much she is valued.

Working together to help one more break free,

President, Chains Interrupted

If you can help even just a little, please click the link below.  If you cannot, please share.  We appreciate your help!

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