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September 11, 2018
Abolition During a Pandemic
March 21, 2020

As I sit in my hotel room in Guatemala City, preparing to head back to the US tomorrow, my heart is full. I spent this last week speaking at the Pastor’s Congress in San Juan, Guatemala to over 230 pastors from across the nation. Some traveled over 12 hours to get there!

I spoke to them about taking up the torch in a fight no one else in their country may take up. I spoke to them about Human Trafficking and several key issues most directly linked with this heinous crime; child sexual abuse, pornography and internet safety.

Honestly, I was a little nervous to be speaking about these things in a country where talking about sex has historically just not been done. But these pastors were amazing! Not only did the male pastors welcome me as a female speaker (for the second time), they truly caught the vision of helping their communities with these issues.

At one point, I asked the group who would like me to bring a mission team from Iowa to help them address Human Trafficking, Child Sexual Abuse, and Pornography in their towns. You can see from the photo the incredible response – and this photo just shows part of the room! Pastor Luis with IMPACTO Ministries (the Organizers and Hosts of the conference) and I were both overwhelmed. It was suggested that I bring several teams down in the coming year to do conferences in various areas in Guatemala, and the pastors will send their leaders/key people to those conferences.

I’d better get working on my Spanish – and keep my bags packed! 🙂

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