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April 7, 2018
Guatemala 2018
Changing a Nation
October 18, 2018

So much has been happening in the world of anti-human trafficking!

As some people and organizations leave the fight against Human Trafficking, Chains Interrupted has experienced considerable growth.

With the terrible disappearance and death of Molly Tibbitts and the social media outcry about the many children who disappear in Iowa every month, people’s interest in the subject of Human Trafficking has gained momentum.

Chains Interrupted has fielded numerous calls from community members and organizations, requesting speakers. While we continue trainings to Hotel/Motel staff, we have started a project to reach school staff, students and parents. We have also started a Survivor’s Support Group that meets weekly.

Mercy Medical Center has partnered with us with grants for the Hotel/Motel Project and School Project, and hiring Teresa to provide a place of freedom for patients and training to medical staff.

Within 12 days of the press release about the position, Mercy staff had referred 3 victims of Human Trafficking to Teresa. Our Coalition has grown to over 100 individuals, businesses and organizations, and our volunteer pool has expanded opportunities and is now over 150 strong.

The Cedar Rapids Police Department has been working with Chains Interrupted on multiple projects, including a massage business ordinance, a directive for the PD, and possibly a “John School.”

This fall, we have several large fundraisers happening to raise money for a home for women coming out of restoration (LA Trends on September 20th, a 5K with the Rescue Run on October 6th, Cost Cutters annual fundraiser and a large Gala at Eastbank on October 12)

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